Class RepositoryGovernanceEngineHandler


public class RepositoryGovernanceEngineHandler extends GovernanceEngineHandler
The RepositoryGovernanceEngineHandler is responsible for running repository governance services on demand. It is initialized with the configuration for the repository governance services it supports along with the clients to the asset properties store and annotations store.
  • Constructor Details

    • RepositoryGovernanceEngineHandler

      public RepositoryGovernanceEngineHandler(EngineConfig engineConfig, String serverName, String serverUserId, GovernanceEngineConfigurationClient configurationClient, GovernanceEngineClient serverClient, EnterpriseRepositoryServicesClient repositoryGovernanceEngineClient, AuditLog auditLog, int maxPageSize)
      Create a client-side object for calling a repository governance engine.
      engineConfig - the unique identifier of the repository governance engine.
      serverName - the name of the engine host server where the repository governance engine is running
      serverUserId - user id for the server to use
      configurationClient - client to retrieve the configuration
      serverClient - client used by the engine host services to control the execution of governance action requests
      repositoryGovernanceEngineClient - REST client for direct REST Calls to OMRS - used by repository governance services
      auditLog - logging destination
      maxPageSize - maximum number of results that can be returned in a single request
  • Method Details

    • runGovernanceService

      public GovernanceServiceHandler runGovernanceService(String governanceActionGUID, String governanceRequestType, Date startDate, Map<String,String> requestParameters, List<RequestSourceElement> requestSourceElements, List<ActionTargetElement> actionTargetElements) throws InvalidParameterException, PropertyServerException
      Run an instance of a governance action service in its own thread and return the handler (for disconnect processing).
      Specified by:
      runGovernanceService in class GovernanceEngineHandler
      governanceActionGUID - unique identifier of the asset to analyse
      governanceRequestType - governance request type to use when calling the governance engine
      startDate - date/time to start the governance action service
      requestParameters - name-value properties to control the governance action service
      requestSourceElements - metadata elements associated with the request to the governance action service
      actionTargetElements - metadata elements that need to be worked on by the governance action service
      service handler for this request
      InvalidParameterException - one of the parameters is null or invalid.
      PropertyServerException - there was a problem detected by the governance action engine.