Class ExceptionMessageDefinition


public class ExceptionMessageDefinition extends MessageDefinition
ExceptionMessageDefinition extends MessageDefinition to provide a container that describes a single instance of a message for an exception.
  • Constructor Details

    • ExceptionMessageDefinition

      public ExceptionMessageDefinition(int httpErrorCode, String messageId, String messageTemplate, String systemAction, String userAction)
      Constructor to save all the fixed values of a message. This is typically populated from an Enum message set. The constructor passes most values to the super class and just retains the additional value for the exception.
      httpErrorCode - the HTTP code that describes the nature of the error
      messageId - unique identifier for the message
      messageTemplate - text for the message
      systemAction - description of the action taken by the system when the condition happened
      userAction - instructions for resolving the situation, if any
  • Method Details

    • getHttpErrorCode

      public int getHttpErrorCode()
      Return the HTTP code that describes the nature of the exception.
      integer code
    • toString

      public String toString()
      JSON-style toString.
      toString in class MessageDefinition
      list of properties and their values.