Package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.discovery

package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.discovery
  • Class
    DiscoveryAnalysisReportStore provides a client to the open metadata repository that manages the content of the discovery analysis report.
    The DiscoveryAnnotationStore provides the interface used by a discovery engine to store annotations in the annotation store.
    DiscoveryAssetCatalogStore provides access to the asset catalog to enable it to step through the assets available in the asset catalog.
    DiscoveryAssetStore defines the interface to a connector broker backed by a metadata store that returns information about the Asset that a Discovery Engine is to analyze.
    DiscoveryConfigurationServer defines the external interface used to define information about a discovery engine.
    DiscoveryContext provides the discovery service with access to information about the discovery request along with the open metadata repository interfaces.
    DiscoveryEngine provides the interface for a discovery engine.
    OpenMetadataAccess provides an interface to the open metadata store.
    DiscoveryPipeline is a discovery service that is responsible for choreographing the discovery services passed on initializeEmbeddedConnectors.
    DiscoveryService describes a specific type of connector that is responsible for analyzing the content of a specific asset.
    DiscoveryServiceProvider implements the base class for the connector provider for a discovery service.
    A marker interface to identify the service that this connector works with.