• Class
    Annotation is used to record information gleaned from a discovery service.
    An AnnotationStatus defines the current status for an annotation plus some default descriptive text.
    ClassificationAnnotation recommends classifications for either an asset or a data field.
    DataClassAnnotation recommends a data class that potentially matches this data field.
    DataField describes a single data field (column, attribute or property) discovered during the analysis of an asset.
    DataFieldAnnotation is a common base class for annotations that are attached to a data field.
    DataFieldLink describes the properties of a peer to peer relationship between data fields.
    DataProfileAnnotation holds properties that describe the characteristics of a specific field within a data source.
    DataProfileLogAnnotation is an annotation that is used when the profile data generated is too big to store in the metadata server and has been located in log files instead.
    DataSourceMeasurementAnnotation describes properties that describe the characteristics of the data source as a whole.
    DataSourceMeasurementAnnotation describes properties that describe the physical characteristics of a data source.
    DiscoveryAnalysisReport describes the properties for a discovery analysis report.
    DiscoveryEngineProperties describe the properties needed to describe a specific discovery engine.
    DiscoveryRequestStatus defines the current status for a discovery request made to a discovery engine.
    DiscoveryServiceProperties contains the definition of a discovery service.
    This property header implements any common mechanisms that all property objects need.
    QualityAnnotation records a quality assessment of the data.
    RegisteredDiscoveryService describes a discovery service that has been registered with a discovery engine.
    RelatedDataField describes a DataFieldLink and the attached DataField.
    RelationshipAdviceAnnotation is used to record a recommendation that a new relationship should be made from this data field to another object in the open metadata types.
    RequestForActionAnnotation is used to record an issue that has been discovered.
    SchemaAnalysisAnnotation is used to describe the results of reviewing the structure of the content of an asset.
    SemanticAnnotation provides a recommendation as to the likely meaning of data.