Class WatchdogGovernanceListener

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public abstract class WatchdogGovernanceListener extends Object
WatchdogGovernanceListener defines the listener interface implemented by a WatchdogGovernanceActionService.
  • Constructor Details

    • WatchdogGovernanceListener

      public WatchdogGovernanceListener()
  • Method Details

    • processEvent

      public abstract void processEvent(WatchdogGovernanceEvent event) throws GovernanceServiceException
      This method is called each time a requested event is received from the open metadata repositories. It is called for events received after this listener is registered until the watchdog governance service sets its status in the context as ACTIONED, INVALID, IGNORED or FAILED or it is stopped by an administrator shutting down the hosting server or this service explicitly.
      event - event containing details of a change to an open metadata element.
      GovernanceServiceException - reports that the event can not be processed (this is logged but no other action is taken). The listener will continue to be called until the watchdog governance action service declares it is complete or administrator action shuts down the service.