Package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.openmetadata.enums

package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.openmetadata.enums
Definitions of the EnumDefs that appear in the open metadata type system.
  • Class
    AssetOwnerType defines the identifier used in an Asset's owner property.
    ByteOrdering defines the hardware byte ordering
    CollectionMemberStatus specifies the status of the member in a collection.
    The CommentType allows comments to be used to ask and answer questions as well as make suggestions and provide useful information to other users.
    ConfidenceLevel identifies the level of confidence to place in the accuracy of a data item.
    Defines how confidential a data item is.
    ContactMethodType specifies the contact mechanism to use to contact an individual.
    CriticalityLevel defines how important a data item is to the organization.
    The DataClassAssignmentStatus defines the status of the relationship between a data class and an element that represents data.
    DataItemSortOrder is used for schema attributes that may have multiple instances.
    Defines the type of delete method to use.
    EngineActionStatus defines the current status for a engine action.
    A GlossaryTermActivityType defines the type of activity described by a glossary term.
    The GlossaryTermAssignmentStatus defines the status of the relationship between a glossary term and an element that represents data.
    A GlossaryTermRelationshipStatus defines the status of a relationship with a glossary term.
    GovernanceClassificationStatus identifies the status of one of the governance action classification.
    GovernanceDomain defines the different governance domains that open metadata seeks to unite.
    ImpactSeverity defines the severity of the impact that a situation has.
    IncidentReportStatus defines the status of an incident report.
    A KeyPattern defines the type of External Identifier in use for an asset, or the type of Primary Key used within an asset.
    LatestChangeAction identifies the type of a change to an asset and its connected entities.
    LatestChangeTarget identifies the target of a change to an asset and its connected entities.
    The MediaType defines the type of resource referenced in a related media reference.
    The MediaUsage defines how a related media reference can be used in conjunction with the asset properties.
    OpenMetadataEnum defines the common methods for an open metadata enum type.
    OperationalStatus defines whether a component is usable.
    OrderBy specifies the sequencing to use in a specific collection.
    PermittedSynchronization defines the permitted directions of flow of metadata updates between open metadata and a third party technology.
    PortType defines the different port types used for open metadata.
    ProcessContainmentType defines the ownership of a process withing a sub process.
    RetentionBasis defines the retention requirements associated with a data item.
    ServerAssetUseType defines how a software server capability may use an asset.
    A StarRating defines the rating that a user has placed against an asset.
    ToDoStatus defines the progress towards completing a to do.