Direct Known Subclasses:
GovernanceActionAdmin, RepositoryGovernanceAdmin, SurveyActionAdmin

public abstract class EngineServiceAdmin extends Object
EngineServiceAdmin is the interface that an engine service implements to receive its configuration. The java class that implements this interface is created with a default constructor and then the initialize method is called.
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    • EngineServiceAdmin

      public EngineServiceAdmin()
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    • initialize

      public abstract void initialize(String localServerId, String localServerName, AuditLog auditLog, String localServerUserId, String localServerPassword, int maxPageSize, GovernanceEngineConfigurationClient configurationClient, EngineServiceConfig engineServiceConfig, GovernanceEngineMap governanceEngineMap) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      Initialize engine service.
      localServerId - unique identifier of this server
      localServerName - name of this server
      auditLog - link to the repository responsible for servicing the REST calls
      localServerUserId - user id for this server to use if sending REST requests and processing inbound messages
      localServerPassword - password for this server to use if sending REST requests
      maxPageSize - maximum number of records that can be requested on the pageSize parameter
      configurationClient - client used to connect to the Governance Engine OMAS to retrieve the governance engine definitions
      engineServiceConfig - details of the options and the engines to run
      governanceEngineMap - map of configured engines
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - an issue in the configuration prevented initialization
    • shutdown

      public abstract void shutdown()
      Shutdown the engine service.
    • getPartnerServiceRootURL

      protected String getPartnerServiceRootURL(EngineServiceConfig engineServicesConfig) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      Return the open metadata server's root URL from the configuration.
      engineServicesConfig - configuration
      root URL
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - No root URL present in the config
    • validateConfigDocument

      protected void validateConfigDocument(EngineServiceConfig engineServiceConfig) throws InvalidParameterException
      Validate the content of the configuration.
      engineServiceConfig - configuration
      InvalidParameterException - Missing content from the config
    • getPartnerServiceServerName

      protected String getPartnerServiceServerName(EngineServiceConfig engineServiceConfig) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      Return the open metadata server's name from the configuration.
      engineServiceConfig - configuration
      server name
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - No server name present in the config