Class GovernanceEngineHandlerFactory

Direct Known Subclasses:
GovernanceActionEngineHandlerFactory, RepositoryGovernanceHandlerFactory, SurveyActionEngineHandlerFactory

public abstract class GovernanceEngineHandlerFactory extends Object
GovernanceEngineHandlerFactory defines the create method for the governance engine handler that each engine service must implement.
  • Constructor Details

    • GovernanceEngineHandlerFactory

      public GovernanceEngineHandlerFactory()
  • Method Details

    • createGovernanceEngineHandler

      public abstract GovernanceEngineHandler createGovernanceEngineHandler(EngineConfig engineConfig, String localServerName, String localServerUserId, String localServerPassword, String partnerServerName, String partnerURLRoot, GovernanceEngineConfigurationClient configurationClient, GovernanceContextClient serverClient, AuditLog auditLog, int maxPageSize) throws InvalidParameterException
      Create a client-side object for calling a survey action engine.
      engineConfig - information about the governance engine.
      localServerName - the name of the engine host server where the survey action engine is running
      localServerUserId - user id for the engine host server to use
      localServerPassword - optional password for the engine host server to use
      partnerServerName - name of partner server
      partnerURLRoot - partner platform
      configurationClient - client to retrieve the configuration
      serverClient - client used by the engine host services to control the execution of engine action requests
      auditLog - logging destination
      maxPageSize - maximum number of results that can be returned in a single request
      governance engine handler
      InvalidParameterException - unable to connect to the clients