Class EngineConfigurationRefreshThread

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public class EngineConfigurationRefreshThread extends Object implements Runnable
EngineConfigurationRefreshThread is the class responsible for establishing the listener for configuration updates. It runs as a separate thread until the listener is registered with the Governance Engine OMAS. At that point, the listener is able to process incoming configuration updates and this thread can end.
  • Constructor Details

    • EngineConfigurationRefreshThread

      public EngineConfigurationRefreshThread(GovernanceEngineMap engineHandlers, GovernanceServerEventClient eventClient, OpenGovernanceClient openGovernanceClient, AuditLog auditLog, String localServerUserId, String localServerName, String accessServiceServerName, String accessServiceRootURL)
      The constructor takes details of the governance engine handlers needed by the listener and the information needed to log errors if the metadata server is not available.
      engineHandlers - list of governance engine handlers running locally mapped to their names
      eventClient - client for accessing the Governance Server OMAS OutTopic
      openGovernanceClient - client for working with engine actions
      auditLog - logging destination
      localServerUserId - userId for configuration requests
      localServerName - this server's name
      accessServiceServerName - metadata server's name
      accessServiceRootURL - platform location for metadata server
  • Method Details

    • run

      public void run()
      Method that runs when the thread is started.
      Specified by:
      run in interface Runnable
    • stop

      public void stop()
      Stop the thread