Class GovernanceEngineOutTopicListener


public class GovernanceEngineOutTopicListener extends GovernanceEngineEventListener
GovernanceEngineOutTopicListener is a class that is registered to listen on the Governance Engine OMAS's out topic to receive any changes to the integration groups' configuration.
  • Constructor Details

    • GovernanceEngineOutTopicListener

      public GovernanceEngineOutTopicListener(String groupName, IntegrationGroupHandler integrationGroupHandler, IntegrationGroupConfigurationClient configurationClient, String userId, AuditLog auditLog)
      Constructor for the listener. Its job is to receive events and pass the information received on to the appropriate integration group handler.
      groupName - name of the integration group
      integrationGroupHandler - the handler for an integration group that is hosted by this integration daemon.
      configurationClient - client to extract extra information from the metadata server
      userId - useRId to use when calling the metadata server
      auditLog - logging destination
  • Method Details

    • processEvent

      public void processEvent(GovernanceEngineEvent event)
      Process an event that was published by the Governance Engine OMAS. The events cover all defined integration groups and actions. This method only needs to pass on the information to those integration groups hosted in this server. Events relating to other integration groups can be ignored. So can events that are for capabilities not supported by these engine services.
      Specified by:
      processEvent in class GovernanceEngineEventListener
      event - event object - call getEventType to find out what type of event.