Class AssetLineageUpdateJobConfiguration


public class AssetLineageUpdateJobConfiguration extends JobConfiguration
Using the JobConfiguration as parent, this class adds more elements to the data map of the job: the asset lineage client and the server where it runs, the local user ID.
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    • AssetLineageUpdateJobConfiguration

      public AssetLineageUpdateJobConfiguration(OpenLineageGraphConnector openLineageGraphConnector, String jobName, Class<? extends org.quartz.Job> jobClass, int jobInterval, String configAssetLineageUpdateTime, AssetLineage assetLineageClient, String serverName, String localServerUserId)
      Instantiates a new Asset lineage update job configuration.
      openLineageGraphConnector - the lineage graph used to store the job's last run time
      jobName - the job name
      jobClass - the job class
      jobInterval - the job interval
      assetLineageClient - the Asset Lineage client
      serverName - the server name where Asset Lineage OMAS runs
      localServerUserId - the local server user ID