Class APIIntegratorRESTServices


public class APIIntegratorRESTServices extends Object
APIIntegratorRESTServices provides the ability to validate that a connector will run successfully in this integration service. It is a convenience method for configuration tools.
  • Constructor Details

    • APIIntegratorRESTServices

      public APIIntegratorRESTServices()
      The constructor registers this service with the integration daemon. It is called with the spring module is picked up by the component scan and instantiated.
  • Method Details

    • validateConnector

      public ConnectorReportResponse validateConnector(String serverName, String userId, String connectorProviderClassName)
      Validate the connector and return its connector type.
      serverName - integration daemon server name
      userId - calling user
      connectorProviderClassName - name of a specific connector or null for all connectors
      connector type or InvalidParameterException the connector provider class name is not a valid connector fo this service UserNotAuthorizedException user not authorized to issue this request PropertyServerException there was a problem detected by the integration service