All Known Implementing Classes:
InMemoryOpenMetadataTopicConnector, KafkaOpenMetadataTopicConnector, OpenMetadataTopicConnector

public interface OpenMetadataTopic
OpenMetadataTopic defines the generic interface to an event bus topic for open metadata events. It is implemented by the subclasses of OpenMetadataTopicConnector that connect to real world event bus infrastructures.
  • Method Details

    • registerListener

      String registerListener(OpenMetadataTopicListener newListener)
      Register a listener object. This object will be supplied with all the events received on the topic.
      newListener - object implementing the listener interface
      name of the topic
    • sendEvent

      void sendEvent(String event) throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Sends the supplied event to the topic.
      event - object containing the event properties.
      ConnectorCheckedException - the connector is not able to communicate with the event bus