Class OpenMetadataTopicListenerConnectorBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuditLoggingComponent, SecureConnectorExtension, VirtualConnectorExtension, OpenMetadataTopicListener
Direct Known Subclasses:
AssetConsumerOutTopicClientConnector, AssetLineageOutTopicClientConnector, AssetManagerOutTopicClientConnector, AssetOwnerOutTopicClientConnector, CommunityProfileOutTopicClientConnector, DataManagerOutTopicClientConnector, DigitalArchitectureOutTopicClientConnector, GovernanceEngineOutTopicClientConnector, GovernanceServerOutTopicClientConnector, ITInfrastructureOutTopicClientConnector, SecurityManagerOutTopicClientConnector, StewardshipActionOutTopicClientConnector

public abstract class OpenMetadataTopicListenerConnectorBase extends OpenMetadataTopicConsumerBase implements OpenMetadataTopicListener, VirtualConnectorExtension
OpenMetadataTopicListenerConnectorBase is a base class for a connector that is going to embed the OpenMetadataTopicConnector and register a listener with it. It manages the instances of the OpenMetadataTopicConnector as they are passed as a list of connectors from the ConnectorBroker and registers itself with the OpenMetadataTopicConnector. Subclasses just need to manage their list of listeners and override the processEvent() method. When it is called, the subclass
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenMetadataTopicListenerConnectorBase

      public OpenMetadataTopicListenerConnectorBase()
  • Method Details

    • initializeEmbeddedConnectors

      public void initializeEmbeddedConnectors(List<Connector> embeddedConnectors)
      Set up the list of connectors that this virtual connector will use to support its interface. The connectors are initialized waiting to start. When start() is called on the virtual connector, it needs to pass start() to each of the embedded connectors. Similarly for disconnect().
      Specified by:
      initializeEmbeddedConnectors in interface VirtualConnectorExtension
      initializeEmbeddedConnectors in class OpenMetadataTopicConsumerBase
      embeddedConnectors - list of connectors
    • processEvent

      public abstract void processEvent(String event)
      Method to pass an event received on topic.
      Specified by:
      processEvent in interface OpenMetadataTopicListener
      event - inbound event
    • getEventBean

      protected <T> T getEventBean(String event, Class<T> eventClass) throws Exception
      Parse the event and return it to a Java bean.
      Type Parameters:
      T - the name of the class
      event - event as a String
      eventClass - class of the Java bean.
      Java bean
      Exception - something went wrong in the parsing process.
    • disconnect

      public void disconnect() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Free up any resources held since the connector is no longer needed.
      disconnect in class OpenMetadataTopicConsumerBase
      ConnectorCheckedException - there is a problem within the connector.