All Known Implementing Classes:
DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector, FileBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector, OpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector

public interface OpenMetadataArchiveStore

OpenMetadataArchiveStore is the interface for a connector to an open metadata archive. The open metadata archive is a collection of type definitions (TypeDefs) and metadata instances (Entities and Relationships) that can be loaded into an open metadata repository.

An open metadata archive has 3 sections:

  • Archive header properties
  • Type store: an ordered list of type definitions
  • Instance store: a list of entities and relationships
  • Method Details

    • getArchiveContents

      OpenMetadataArchive getArchiveContents() throws RepositoryErrorException
      Return the contents of the archive.
      OpenMetadataArchive object
      RepositoryErrorException - there is a problem accessing the archive
    • setArchiveContents

      void setArchiveContents(OpenMetadataArchive archiveContents)
      Set new contents into the archive. This overrides any content previously stored.
      archiveContents - OpenMetadataArchive object