Package org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.connectors.stores.auditlogstore

package org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.connectors.stores.auditlogstore
  • Class
    OMRSAuditLogRecord provides a carrier for details about a single log record in the OMRS audit log.
    OMRSAuditLogRecordOriginator describes the server that originated an audit log record.
    OMRSAuditLogReportingComponent describes the component issuing the audit log record.
    OMRSAuditLogStore is the specialized data API for an Audit Log destination connector.
    OMRSAuditLogStoreConnectorBase is the base class for connectors that support the OMRSAuditLog.
    The OMRSAuditLogStoreProviderBase provides a base class for the connector provider supporting OMRS audit log stores.