Interface OMRSRepositoryEventMapper

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    OMRSRepositoryEventMapperBase, OMRSRepositoryEventMapperConnector

    public interface OMRSRepositoryEventMapper
    OMRSRepositoryEventMapper is the interface to a connector that is converting events received from a non-native local metadata repository into OMRS compliant repository events. It is used when the Open Metadata and Governance Server is being used as a RepositoryProxy, or if the local metadata repository has additional APIs that mean metadata can be changed without going through the OMRS Repository Connectors.
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        void initialize​(java.lang.String repositoryEventMapperName,
                        OMRSRepositoryConnector repositoryConnector)
        Pass additional information to the connector needed to process events.
        repositoryEventMapperName - repository event mapper name used for the source of the OMRS events.
        repositoryConnector - this is the connector to the local repository that the event mapper is processing events from. The repository connector is used to retrieve additional information necessary to fill out the OMRS Events.
      • setRepositoryHelper

        void setRepositoryHelper​(OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper)
        Set up a repository helper object for the repository connector to use.
        repositoryHelper - helper object for building TypeDefs and metadata instances.
      • setRepositoryValidator

        void setRepositoryValidator​(OMRSRepositoryValidator repositoryValidator)
        Set up a repository validator for the repository connector to use.
        repositoryValidator - validator object to check the validity of TypeDefs and metadata instances.
      • setServerName

        void setServerName​(java.lang.String serverName)
        Set up the name of the server where the metadata collection resides.
        serverName - String name
      • setServerType

        void setServerType​(java.lang.String serverType)
        Set up the descriptive string describing the type of the server. This might be the name of the product, or similar identifier.
        serverType - String server type
      • setOrganizationName

        void setOrganizationName​(java.lang.String organizationName)
        Set up the name of the organization that runs/owns the server.
        organizationName - String organization name
      • setServerUserId

        void setServerUserId​(java.lang.String serverUserId)
        Set up the userId that the local server should use when processing events and there is no external user driving the operation.
        serverUserId - string user id
      • setMetadataCollectionId

        void setMetadataCollectionId​(java.lang.String metadataCollectionId)
        Set up the unique Id for this metadata collection.
        metadataCollectionId - String unique Id
      • setRepositoryEventProcessor

        void setRepositoryEventProcessor​(OMRSRepositoryEventProcessor repositoryEventProcessor)
        Set up the repository event processor for this connector to use. The connector should pass each typeDef or instance metadata change reported by its metadata repository to the repository event processor.
        repositoryEventProcessor - listener responsible for distributing notifications of local changes to metadata types and instances to the rest of the open metadata repository cohort.