Direct Known Subclasses:
EntityDetailAccumulator, EntitySummaryAccumulator

public abstract class ClassificationAccumulator extends MaintenanceAccumulator
ClassificationAccumulator accumulates and validates an entity received from a collection of open metadata repositories. It removes duplicates from the list by choosing the latest entity details object. This class may be called simultaneously from multiple threads, so it must be thread-safe.
  • Method Details

    • isInPhaseOne

      public boolean isInPhaseOne()
      Return the current state of the inPhaseOne flag.
    • addContributingMetadataCollection

      public void addContributingMetadataCollection(String metadataCollectionId)
      Remember that a specific metadata collection has already been called.
      metadataCollectionId - identifier of metadata collection
    • getContributingMetadataCollections

      public List<String> getContributingMetadataCollections()
      Return the list of metadata collections that have been called.
      list of metadata collection ids
    • getResultsForAugmentation

      public abstract List<String> getResultsForAugmentation()
      Return the list of GUIDs for the entities returned from the query.
      null or list of GUIDs
    • saveClassifications

      public void saveClassifications(List<Classification> retrievedClassifications)
      Save the best classifications from all the repositories.
      retrievedClassifications - classifications from a repository