All Implemented Interfaces:
CloneableRepositoryExecutor, RepositoryExecutor

public class GetEntityDetailHistoryExecutor extends PageableEntityRepositoryExecutorBase
GetEntityDetailHistoryExecutor is the executor for the findEntitiesByPropertyValue request. This request can be issued in parallel - the call to each request potentially running in a different thread.
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    • GetEntityDetailHistoryExecutor

      public GetEntityDetailHistoryExecutor(String userId, String guid, Date fromTime, Date toTime, int startFromElement, int pageSize, HistorySequencingOrder sequencingOrder, String localMetadataCollectionId, AuditLog auditLog, OMRSRepositoryValidator repositoryValidator, String methodName)
      Create the executor. The parameters provide the parameters for issuing the requests and combining the results.
      userId - unique identifier for requesting user.
      guid - String unique identifier for the entity.
      fromTime - the earliest point in time from which to retrieve historical versions of the entity (inclusive)
      toTime - the latest point in time from which to retrieve historical versions of the entity (exclusive)
      startFromElement - the starting element number of the historical versions to return. This is used when retrieving versions beyond the first page of results. Zero means start from the first element.
      pageSize - the maximum number of result versions that can be returned on this request. Zero means unrestricted return results size.
      sequencingOrder - Enum defining how the results should be ordered.
      localMetadataCollectionId - unique identifier for the local repository - may be null if no local repository
      auditLog - logging destination
      repositoryValidator - validator for resulting relationships
      methodName - calling method
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