Class OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance


public class OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance extends OMAGServerServiceInstance
OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance caches references to OMRS objects for a specific server
  • Constructor Details

    • OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance

      public OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance(String localServerName, OMRSAuditLog masterAuditLog, OMRSRepositoryConnector localRepositoryConnector, OMRSRepositoryConnector enterpriseRepositoryConnector, Connection remoteEnterpriseTopicConnection, OMRSMetadataHighwayManager metadataHighwayManager, String localServerURL, String serviceName, AuditLog auditLog, int maxPageSize)
      Set up the repository connectors that will service the REST Calls. If the requested repository connector is null when a REST calls is received, the request is rejected.
      localServerName - name of this server
      masterAuditLog - audit log at the top of the tree
      localRepositoryConnector - link to the repository responsible for servicing the REST calls to the local repository
      enterpriseRepositoryConnector - link to the repository responsible for servicing the REST calls to the enterprise
      remoteEnterpriseTopicConnection - connection object to pass to client to enable it to listen on enterprise topic events - may be null
      metadataHighwayManager - manager of the cohort managers
      localServerURL - URL of the local server
      serviceName - name of this service
      auditLog - logging destination
      maxPageSize - max number of results to return on single request.
  • Method Details

    • getMasterAuditLog

      public OMRSAuditLog getMasterAuditLog()
      Return the master audit log for audit log services.
      audit log at the top of the tree
    • getLocalMetadataCollection

      public OMRSMetadataCollection getLocalMetadataCollection()
      Return the local metadata collection for this instance.
      OMRSMetadataCollection object
    • getEnterpriseMetadataCollection

      public OMRSMetadataCollection getEnterpriseMetadataCollection()
      Return the enterprise metadata collection for this instance.
      OMRSMetadataCollection object
    • getRemoteEnterpriseOMRSTopicConnection

      public Connection getRemoteEnterpriseOMRSTopicConnection()
      Return the connection to the remote enterprise topic connection. This may be null, but if it is enabled in the server's configuration, this call is ued to return the configured connection object to a remote client, so it can listen for enterprise topic events.
      connection or null
    • getMetadataHighwayManager

      public OMRSMetadataHighwayManager getMetadataHighwayManager()
      Return the metadata highway manager
      OMRSMetadataHighwayManager object
    • getLocalServerURL

      public String getLocalServerURL()
      Return the URL root for this server.
    • getAuditLog

      public AuditLog getAuditLog()
      Return the audit log destination for this server.