Class ConfigureDiscoveryEngine


public class ConfigureDiscoveryEngine extends Object
ConfigureDiscoveryEngine uses the DiscoveryConfigurationClient from the Discovery Engine OMAS to set up a new discovery engine called ClinicalTrials that contains sample discovery services to validate some of the assets that Coco Pharmaceuticals is using in its clinical trials. The process of configuring a discovery engine is in three phases:
  • Create the definition of the discovery engine.
  • Create a discovery service definition for each discovery service.
  • Register each discovery service with the discovery engine. This sets up a name to use to call the discovery service. This name is called the discovery request type. The registration can also include default analysis parameters that are passed to the discovery service. These analysis parameters can be overridden on each discovery request.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigureDiscoveryEngine

      public ConfigureDiscoveryEngine()