Class DinoViewAdmin

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public class DinoViewAdmin extends ViewServiceAdmin
DinoViewAdmin is the class that is called by the UI Server to initialize and terminate the Dino OMVS. The initialization call provides this OMVS with the Audit log and configuration.
  • Field Details

    • resourceEndpointsPropertyName

      protected String resourceEndpointsPropertyName
  • Constructor Details

    • DinoViewAdmin

      public DinoViewAdmin()
      Default constructor
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize(String serverName, ViewServiceConfig viewServiceConfig, AuditLog auditLog, String serverUserName, int maxPageSize) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      Initialize the Dino view service.
      Specified by:
      initialize in class ViewServiceAdmin
      serverName - name of the local server
      viewServiceConfig - specific configuration properties for this view service.
      auditLog - audit log component for logging messages.
      serverUserName - user id to use to issue calls to the remote server.
      maxPageSize - maximum page size. 0 means unlimited
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - invalid parameters in the configuration properties.
    • shutdown

      public void shutdown()
      Shutdown the dino view service.
      Specified by:
      shutdown in class ViewServiceAdmin
    • extractResourceEndpoints

      protected List<ResourceEndpointConfig> extractResourceEndpoints(List<ResourceEndpointConfig> resourceEndpoints, String viewServiceFullName, AuditLog auditLog) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      Extract the resource endpoints property from the view services option.
      resourceEndpoints - options passed to the access service.
      viewServiceFullName - name of calling service
      auditLog - audit log for error messages
      null or list of resource endpoints
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - the supported zones property is not a list of zone names.