Class RunAllFVTOn2Servers


public class RunAllFVTOn2Servers extends Object
FVT resource to call Glossary Author View FVT resources on 2 in memory servers names Server1 and Server2.
  • Constructor Details

    • RunAllFVTOn2Servers

      public RunAllFVTOn2Servers()
  • Method Details

    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
    • getUrl

      public static String getUrl(String[] args) throws IOException
      This method gets the url that the tests will use to issue calls to the server.

      If arguments are supplied then the first parameter is used as a url.

      If no url is supplied then prompt the user to enter a valid url, enter means to use the default url.

      args - arguments supplied
      the url to use on the calls to the server
      IOException - IO exception occurred while getting input from the user.