Class BaseGlossaryAuthorView

Direct Known Subclasses:
GlossaryAuthorViewCategoryRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewConfigRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewGlossaryRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewGraphRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewProjectRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewRelationshipRESTServices, GlossaryAuthorViewTermRESTServices

public abstract class BaseGlossaryAuthorView extends Object
An abstract base class providing common methods for glossary authoring services.
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    • BaseGlossaryAuthorView

      public BaseGlossaryAuthorView()
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    • getResponseForException

      protected <T> SubjectAreaOMASAPIResponse<T> getResponseForException(Exception exception, AuditLog auditLog, String className, String methodName)
      Get the appropriate response from the supplied Exception
      exception - - supplied exception
      auditLog - - auditlog (may be null if unable to initialize)
      className - - calling class's Name
      methodName - - calling method's name
      response corresponding to the exception.
    • getFindRequest

      protected FindRequest getFindRequest(String searchCriteria, Date asOfTime, Integer startingFrom, Integer pageSize, String sequencingOrderName, String sequencingProperty, Integer handlerMaxPageSize)