Class ConfigDefaultsViewResource


@RestController @RequestMapping("/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata/view-services/server-author/users/{userId}/servers/{serverToBeConfiguredName}") public class ConfigDefaultsViewResource extends Object
ConfigDefaultsResource sets properties in the configuration document that are used as default values when configuring the subsystems in an OMAG Server. If these values are updated after a subsystem is configured, they do not impact that subsystem's configuration.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigDefaultsViewResource

      public ConfigDefaultsViewResource()
  • Method Details

    • setEventBus

      @PostMapping(path="/event-bus") public ServerAuthorConfigurationResponse setEventBus(@PathVariable String userId, @PathVariable String serverName, @PathVariable String serverToBeConfiguredName, @RequestParam(required=false) String connectorProvider, @RequestParam(required=false) String topicURLRoot, @RequestBody(required=false) Map<String,Object> configurationProperties)
      Set up the default event bus for embedding in event-driven connector. The resulting connector will be used for example, in the OMRS Topic Connector for each cohort, the in and out topics for each Access Service and possibly the local repository's event mapper.

      When the event bus is configured, it is used only on future configuration. It does not affect existing configuration.
      userId - user that is issuing the request.
      serverName - local server name.
      serverToBeConfiguredName - name of the server to be configured.
      connectorProvider - connector provider for the event bus (if it is null then Kafka is assumed).
      topicURLRoot - the common root of the topics used by the open metadata server.
      configurationProperties - property name/value pairs used to configure the connection to the event bus connector
      the current stored configuration OMAGNotAuthorizedException the supplied userId is not authorized to issue this command or OMAGConfigurationErrorException it is too late to configure the event bus - other configuration already exists or OMAGInvalidParameterException invalid serverName or serviceMode parameter.