All Implemented Interfaces:
AssetConsumerAssetInterface, AssetConsumerFeedbackInterface, AssetConsumerGlossaryInterface, AssetConsumerLoggingInterface, AssetConsumerTaggingInterface, ConnectorFactoryInterface

The Asset Consumer Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS) is used by applications and tools as a factory for Open Connector Framework (OCF) connectors. The configuration for the connectors is managed as open metadata in a Connection definition. The caller to the Asset Consumer OMAS passes either the name, GUID or URL for the connection to the appropriate method to retrieve a connector. The Asset Consumer OMAS retrieves the connection from the metadata repository and creates an appropriate connector as described the connection and returns it to the caller. The Asset Consumer OMAS supports access to the asset properties either through the connector, or by a direct call to Asset Consumer API. It is also possible to look up the definitions of terms associated with the assets. It supports the ability to add and remove feedback for an asset. This feedback may be in the form of reviews, likes and comments. Asset Consumer OMAS also supports the maintenance of informal tags and their attachments to assets. Finally, Asset Consumer OMAS supports the ability to add audit log records to the local server's audit log about an asset.