Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.assetconsumer.client

package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.assetconsumer.client
These are the Java clients for the Asset Consumer OMAS.
  • Classes
    The Asset Consumer Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS) is used by applications and tools as a factory for Open Connector Framework (OCF) connectors.
    AssetConsumerEventClient provides the implementation to manage the interaction with the server to set up a listener to support the receipt of inbound events from the Asset Consumer OMAS Out Topic.
    ConnectedAssetClient manages the retrieval of connections, and the creation of resource connectors used to access the content of data sources and services.
    GovernanceConfigurationClient supports the configuration of Governance Server and governance services.
    OpenGovernanceServiceClient provides an interface to the open governance service.
    OpenIntegrationServiceClient provides an interface to the open integration service.
    OpenMetadataClientBase provides an interface to the open metadata store.