This package contains the different interfaces of the asset manager when it is being used to exchange metadata with one or more external asset managers via the integration services (OMISs). Each interface is focused on the exchange of groups of related metadata elements between a third party asset manager and open metadata.
  • ExternalAssetManagerInterface - interface for managing external identifiers
  • CollaborationExchangeInterface - for exchanging feedback information from users such as likes, ratings and comments. There is also support for informal tags.
  • DataAssetExchange - for exchange of data related assets, their schemas, connections and lineage.
  • GlossaryExchangeInterface - for exchange of Glossaries, GlossaryCategories, GlossaryTerms and their relationships and classifications.
  • GovernanceExchangeInterface - for exchange of information about policies and rules.
  • InfrastructureExchangeInterface - for exchanging metadata about hosts, containers, applications, servers and server capabilities.
  • LineageExchangeInterface - for exchanging process definitions and lineage linkage.
  • StewardshipExchangeInterface - for exchanging information about classifications, exceptions, requests for actions and resolutions.
  • ValidValuesExchangeInterface - for exchanging information about reference data.
  • Interfaces
    The CollaborationExchangeInterface supports the exchange of comments, likes, reviews/ratings and informal tags.
    ConnectionExchangeInterface provides methods to define connections and their supporting objects The interface supports the following types of objects Connections - the connections used to create connector instances that can access the connection. ConnectorTypes - description of a specific that can be used to access the connection. ConnectorCategories - the network information needed to access the connection. Endpoints - the network information needed to access the connection.
    DataAssetExchangeInterface provides methods to define data assets, their schemas and connections, along with supporting objects, and lineage.
    ExternalAssetManagerInterface provides the interface for retrieving the identity of an external asset manager.
    The ExternalReferencesInterface is used by the governance team to define external references to elements within the governance program.
    GlossaryExchangeInterface defines the client side interface for the Asset Manager OMAS that is relevant for managing glossaries.
    The GovernanceExchangeInterface enables the exchange of governance definitions between an external asset manager and open metadata.
    The InfrastructureExchangeInterface supports the exchange of metadata about Hosts, SoftwareServerPlatforms, SoftwareServers and SoftwareServerCapabilities such as Applications.
    The LineageExchangeInterface supports the exchange of process definitions and lineage linkage.
    SchemaExchangeInterface defines the common methods for managing schemas.
    The StewardshipExchangeInterface supports the exchange of relationships (such as SemanticAssignment) and classifications that are added by stewards (or automated stewardship processes) such as Confidentiality.
    The ValidValuesExchangeInterface supports the exchanges of valid values and reference data.