Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.assetmanager.api

This package contains the different interfaces of the asset manager. Each interface is focused on the exchange of groups of related metadata elements between a third party asset manager and open metadata.
  • AssetManagerInterface - interface for managing external identifiers
  • CollaborationExchangeInterface - for exchanging feedback information from users such as likes, ratings and comments. There is also support for informal tags.
  • DataAssetExchange - for exchange of data related assets, their schemas, connections and lineage.
  • GlossaryExchangeInterface - for exchange of Glossaries, GlossaryCategories, GlossaryTerms and their relationships and classifications.
  • GovernanceExchangeInterface - for exchange of information about policies and rules.
  • InfrastructureExchangeInterface - for exchanging metadata about hosts, containers, applications, servers and server capabilities.
  • LineageExchangeInterface - for exchanging process definitions and lineage linkage.
  • StewardshipExchangeInterface - for exchanging information about classifications, exceptions, requests for actions and resolutions.
  • ValidValuesExchangeInterface - for exchanging information about reference data.