Interface AssetDecommissioningInterface

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    AssetOwner, AvroFileAssetOwner, CSVFileAssetOwner, FileSystemAssetOwner, ValidValuesAssetOwner

    public interface AssetDecommissioningInterface
    The AssetDecommissioningInterface covers the steps that the asset owner needs to perform at the end of life of the asset. The requirements may be part of the license for the asset, or come from the governance program. It includes updating the state of the asset, moving it to an archiving or purging zone and sending a notification to report that the asset is no longer needed. This notification will kick off the appropriate cleanup processes.
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      void deleteAsset​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String assetGUID)
      Deletes an asset and all of its associated elements such as schema, connections (unless they are linked to another asset), discovery reports and associated feedback.