Interface RightsManagementInterface

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    public interface RightsManagementInterface
    The RightsManagementInterface supports the management of the types of licenses (terms and conditions) associated with elements.
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      java.lang.String createLicenseType​(java.lang.String userId, LicenseTypeProperties properties, GovernanceDefinitionStatus initialStatus)
      Create a description of the license type.
      void deleteLicenseType​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID)
      Delete the properties of the license type.
      java.util.List<RelatedElement> getLicensedElements​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Return information about the elements linked to a license.
      java.util.List<LicenseElement> getLicenses​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String elementGUID, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Return information about the licenses linked to an element.
      LicenseTypeElement getLicenseTypeByDocId​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String documentIdentifier)
      Retrieve the license type by its assigned unique document identifier.
      java.util.List<LicenseTypeElement> getLicenseTypeByDomainId​(java.lang.String userId, int domainIdentifier, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Retrieve all the license type definitions for a specific governance domain.
      LicenseTypeElement getLicenseTypeByGUID​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID)
      Retrieve the license type by the unique identifier assigned by this service when it was created.
      java.util.List<LicenseTypeElement> getLicenseTypesByTitle​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String title, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Retrieve all the license types for a particular title.
      java.lang.String licenseElement​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String elementGUID, java.lang.String licenseTypeGUID, LicenseProperties properties)
      Link an element to a license type and include details of the license in the relationship properties.
      void setLicenseTypeStatus​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseTypeGUID, GovernanceDefinitionStatus newStatus)
      Update the status of a license type.
      void unlicenseElement​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID)
      Remove the license for an element.
      void updateLicense​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID, boolean isMergeUpdate, LicenseProperties properties)
      Update the properties of a license.
      void updateLicenseType​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String licenseGUID, boolean isMergeUpdate, LicenseTypeProperties properties)
      Update the properties of the license type.