Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.governanceprogram.api

Governance Program OMAS Java API defines the means to maintain and query the definitions that make up the governance program.
  • GovernanceDomainInterface - Describes the different focus areas of governance in the organization.
  • GovernanceDefinitionsInterface - Supports the definition of the governance drivers, policies and controls that define the motivation, goals and implementation approach for the governance program.
  • GovernanceMetricsInterface - Defines the metrics that measure the success of the governance program. Typically a metric is associated with a governance definition.
  • GovernanceClassificationLevelInterface - Defines the means of the standard governance classifications of Impact, Criticality, Retention, Confidence and Confidentiality.
  • GovernanceRolesInterface - Defines the roles for the governance organization and the means to appoint people to them.
  • GovernanceZonesInterface - Defines the governance zones for organizing assets so they can be governed.
  • SubjectAreasInterface - Defines the subject areas for organizing data definitions so they can be governed.
  • CertificationManagementInterface - Defines the types of certifications that form part of the governance program and the means to certify elements.
  • RightsManagementInterface - Defines the types of licenses that form part of the governance program and the means to license elements.
  • ExternalReferencesInterface - for managing external references to governance definitions.
  • GovernanceProgramReviewInterface - for reviewing the status of the governance program.