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ApacheHiveIntegrationModule, RDBMSIntegrationModule

public abstract class DatabaseIntegrationModuleBase extends AtlasRegisteredIntegrationModuleBase
DatabaseIntegrationModuleBase abstracts the process of synchronizing relational metadata from Apache Atlas, so it is independent of the actual Apache Atlas types. The subclasses supply the types. This is because Apache Atlas has multiple type definitions for this type of metadata.
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    • DatabaseIntegrationModuleBase

      public DatabaseIntegrationModuleBase(String connectorName, String moduleName, String atlasDatabaseTypeName, String atlasDatabaseTablesPropertyName, String atlasDatabaseTableTypeName, String atlasDatabaseColumnsPropertyName, String atlasDatabaseColumnTypeName, ConnectionProperties connectionProperties, AuditLog auditLog, CatalogIntegratorContext myContext, String targetRootURL, ApacheAtlasRESTConnector atlasClient, List<Connector> embeddedConnectors) throws UserNotAuthorizedException
      Constructor for the module is supplied with the runtime context in order to operate.
      connectorName - name of the connector (for messages)
      moduleName - name of this module
      atlasDatabaseTypeName - name of type in atlas used for the database
      atlasDatabaseTablesPropertyName - name of the property used to navigate from the database to its tables.
      atlasDatabaseTableTypeName - name of the type used to represent a database table in atlas
      atlasDatabaseColumnsPropertyName - name of the property used to navigate from a database table to its columns
      atlasDatabaseColumnTypeName - name of the type used to represent a database column in atlas
      connectionProperties - connection properties used to start the connector
      auditLog - logging destination
      myContext - integration context
      targetRootURL - URL to connect to Apache Atlas
      atlasClient - client to connect to Apache Atlas
      embeddedConnectors - list of any embedded connectors (such as secrets connector and topic connector
      UserNotAuthorizedException - security problem
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