Class CatalogIntegratorContext


public class CatalogIntegratorContext extends IntegrationContext
CatalogIntegratorContext provides a wrapper around the Asset Manager OMAS client. It provides the simplified interface to open metadata needed by the CatalogIntegratorConnector.
  • Field Details

    • connectorFactoryServiceName

      public static final String connectorFactoryServiceName
      Service for creating connector instances.
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    • collaborationExchangeServiceName

      public static final String collaborationExchangeServiceName
      Service for working with feedback elements.
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    • connectionExchangeServiceName

      public static final String connectionExchangeServiceName
      Service for building and maintaining connections, connector types and endpoints.
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    • dataAssetExchangeServiceName

      public static final String dataAssetExchangeServiceName
      Service for working with data stores, data sets, data feeds and APIs.
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    • externalReferenceExchangeServiceName

      public static final String externalReferenceExchangeServiceName
      Services for maintaining links to external references.
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    • glossaryExchangeServiceName

      public static final String glossaryExchangeServiceName
      Service for maintaining glossaries and their contents
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    • governanceExchangeServiceName

      public static final String governanceExchangeServiceName
      Service for maintaining governance definitions such as policies and rules.
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    • infrastructureExchangeServiceName

      public static final String infrastructureExchangeServiceName
      Service for maintaining models of infrastructure.
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    • lineageExchangeServiceName

      public static final String lineageExchangeServiceName
      Service for maintaining lineage relationships.
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    • stewardshipExchangeServiceName

      public static final String stewardshipExchangeServiceName
      Service for handing actions for stewards.
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    • validValuesExchangeServiceName

      public static final String validValuesExchangeServiceName
      Service for maintaining reference data (valid values).
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  • Constructor Details

    • CatalogIntegratorContext

      public CatalogIntegratorContext(String connectorId, String connectorName, String connectorUserId, String serverName, OpenIntegrationClient openIntegrationClient, GovernanceConfiguration governanceConfiguration, OpenMetadataClient openMetadataStoreClient, ExternalAssetManagerClient assetManagerClient, AssetManagerEventClient eventClient, ConnectedAssetClient connectedAssetClient, CollaborationExchangeClient collaborationExchangeClient, ConnectionExchangeClient connectionExchangeClient, DataAssetExchangeClient dataAssetExchangeClient, ExternalReferenceExchangeClient externalReferenceExchangeClient, GlossaryExchangeClient glossaryExchangeClient, GovernanceExchangeClient governanceExchangeClient, InfrastructureExchangeClient infrastructureExchangeClient, LineageExchangeClient lineageExchangeClient, StewardshipExchangeClient stewardshipExchangeClient, ValidValuesExchangeClient validValuesExchangeClient, boolean generateIntegrationReport, PermittedSynchronization permittedSynchronization, String integrationConnectorGUID, String assetManagerGUID, String assetManagerName, String integrationServiceName, List<String> disabledExchangeServices, int maxPageSize, AuditLog auditLog)
      Create a new context for a connector.
      connectorId - unique identifier of the connector (used to configure the event listener)
      connectorName - name of connector from config
      connectorUserId - userId for the connector
      serverName - name of the integration daemon
      openIntegrationClient - client for calling the metadata server
      governanceConfiguration - client for managing catalog targets
      openMetadataStoreClient - client for calling the metadata server
      assetManagerClient - common client to map requests to
      eventClient - client to register for events
      connectedAssetClient - client for connectors
      collaborationExchangeClient - client for collaboration requests
      connectionExchangeClient - client for connection requests
      dataAssetExchangeClient - client for asset requests
      externalReferenceExchangeClient - client for data asset requests
      glossaryExchangeClient - client for glossary requests
      governanceExchangeClient - client for governance requests
      infrastructureExchangeClient - client for infrastructure requests
      lineageExchangeClient - client for lineage requests
      stewardshipExchangeClient - client for stewardship requests
      validValuesExchangeClient - client for valid values requests
      assetManagerGUID - unique identifier of the software server capability for the asset manager
      assetManagerName - unique name of the software server capability for the asset manager
      generateIntegrationReport - should the connector generate an integration reports?
      permittedSynchronization - the direction of integration permitted by the integration connector
      integrationConnectorGUID - unique identifier for the integration connector if it is started via an integration group (otherwise it is null).
      disabledExchangeServices - option from the integration service's configuration
      integrationServiceName - name of this service
      maxPageSize - max number of elements that can be returned on a query
      auditLog - logging destination
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