Class OpenIntegrationClient

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public abstract class OpenIntegrationClient extends Object
OpenIntegrationClient defines the interface of the client that implements calls to the metadata server.
  • Field Details

    • serverName

      protected final String serverName
    • serverPlatformURLRoot

      protected final String serverPlatformURLRoot
    • serviceURLMarker

      protected final String serviceURLMarker
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenIntegrationClient

      public OpenIntegrationClient(String serviceURLMarker, String serverName, String serverPlatformURLRoot)
      Create a new client with no authentication embedded in the HTTP request.
      serviceURLMarker - the identifier of the access service (for example asset-owner for the Asset Owner OMAS)
      serverName - name of the server to connect to
      serverPlatformURLRoot - the network address of the server running the OMAS REST services
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