Class AssetUniverse

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    public class AssetUniverse
    extends AssetDetail
    AssetUniverse extends AssetDetail which extend AssetSummary. AssetUniverse adds information about the common open metadata entities related to this asset.
    • meanings - glossary term(s) assigned to this asset.
    • schema - details of the schema type associated with the asset.
    • feedback - details of the reviews, tags and comments that are connected to the asset.
    • knownLocations - details of the known locations of the asset.
    • lineage - details of the lineage for the asset.
    • relatedAssets - details of the assets lined to this asset.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AssetUniverse

        protected AssetUniverse()
        Default constructor only for subclasses
      • AssetUniverse

        public AssetUniverse​(Asset assetBean,
                             ExternalIdentifiers externalIdentifiers,
                             RelatedMediaReferences relatedMediaReferences,
                             NoteLogs noteLogs,
                             ExternalReferences externalReferences,
                             Connections connections,
                             Licenses licenses,
                             Certifications certifications,
                             java.util.List<Meaning> meanings,
                             SchemaType schema,
                             AssetFeedback feedback,
                             Locations knownLocations,
                             AssetLineage lineage,
                             RelatedAssets relatedAssets)
        Typical Constructor
        assetBean - details of this asset
        externalIdentifiers - ExternalIdentifiers list
        relatedMediaReferences - RelatedMediaReferences list
        noteLogs - NoteLogs iterator
        externalReferences - ExternalReferences iterator
        connections - List of connections attached to the asset
        licenses - List of licenses
        certifications - Certifications list of certifications
        meanings - Meanings list of glossary definitions.
        schema - StructSchemaType object to query schema and related glossary definitions.
        feedback - Feedback object to query the feedback.
        knownLocations - Locations list
        lineage - lineage object to query the origin of the asset.
        relatedAssets - RelatedAssets list
      • AssetUniverse

        public AssetUniverse​(AssetUniverse template)
        Copy/clone Constructor note this is a deep copy
        template - template to copy
    • Method Detail

      • getMeanings

        public java.util.List<Meaning> getMeanings()
        Return the list of glossary definitions assigned directly to this asset.
        getMeanings in class GovernedReferenceable
        Meanings list of glossary definitions.
      • getSchema

        public SchemaType getSchema()
        Return details of the schema associated with the asset.
        SchemaElement schema object to query the schema associated with the connected asset.
      • getFeedback

        public AssetFeedback getFeedback()
        Return details of the people, products and feedback that are connected to the asset.
        Feedback object to query the feedback on the asset.
      • getKnownLocations

        public Locations getKnownLocations()
        Return the list of locations for the asset.
        Locations list of locations.
      • getLineage

        public AssetLineage getLineage()
        Return details of the lineage for the asset.
        Lineage object that allows queries about the lineage of the asset.
      • getRelatedAssets

        public RelatedAssets getRelatedAssets()
        Return the list of assets related to this asset.
        RelatedAssets list
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Standard toString method.
        toString in class AssetDetail
        print out of variables in a JSON-style
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object objectToCompare)
        Compare the values of the supplied object with those stored in the current object.
        equals in class AssetDetail
        objectToCompare - supplied object
        boolean result of comparison
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Hash of properties
        hashCode in class AssetDetail