Package org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.integration.basicfiles

package org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.integration.basicfiles
The basic file integration connectors monitor changes in a file directory (folder) and updates the open metadata repository/repositories to reflect the changes to both the files and folders underneath it.

The DataFilesMonitorIntegrationConnector maintains a DataFile asset for each file in the directory (or any subdirectory). When a new file is created, a new DataFile asset is created. If a file is modified, the lastModified property of the corresponding DataFile asset is updated. When a file is deleted, its corresponding DataFile asset is also deleted if the "allowCatalogDelete" configuration property is set - otherwise the DataFile asset is archived. This archiving process classified the DataFile asset to show that its real-world counterpart has gone whilst preserving the knowledge of the file's role in supplying data to other downstream assets in the lineage graph.

The DataFolderMonitorIntegrationConnector maintains a DataFolder asset for the directory. The files and directories underneath it are assumed to be elements/records in the DataFolder asset and so each time there is a change to the files and directories under the monitored directory, it results in an update to the storeUpdateTime property of the corresponding DataFolder asset.