Class BasicFilesMonitorIntegrationConnectorBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuditLoggingComponent, SecureConnectorExtension, VirtualConnectorExtension, IntegrationConnector, FilesIntegratorOMISConnector
Direct Known Subclasses:
DataFilesMonitorIntegrationConnector, DataFolderMonitorIntegrationConnector

public abstract class BasicFilesMonitorIntegrationConnectorBase extends FilesIntegratorConnector
BasicFilesMonitorIntegrationConnectorBase provides common methods for the connectors in this module.
  • Constructor Details

    • BasicFilesMonitorIntegrationConnectorBase

      public BasicFilesMonitorIntegrationConnectorBase()
  • Method Details

    • start

      public void start() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Indicates that the connector is completely configured and can begin processing. It extracts all the useful configuration from the connection object.
      Specified by:
      start in interface IntegrationConnector
      start in class ConnectorBase
      ConnectorCheckedException - there is a problem within the connector.
    • createDirectoryToMonitor

      protected abstract DirectoryToMonitor createDirectoryToMonitor(String sourceName, String pathName, String catalogTargetGUID, DeleteMethod deleteMethod, Map<String,String> templates, Map<String,Object> configurationProperties) throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Creates a monitor for the target.
      sourceName - source of the pathname
      pathName - pathname to the directory
      catalogTargetGUID - optional catalog target GUID
      deleteMethod - should the connector use delete or archive?
      templates - names and GUIDs of templates
      configurationProperties - parameters to further modify the behaviour of the connector.
      directory to monitor structure
      ConnectorCheckedException - connector problem
    • archiveFileInCatalog

      public void archiveFileInCatalog(File file, DataFileElement retrievedElement, boolean allowCatalogDelete, String methodName)
      The file no longer exists so this method updates the metadata catalog. This may be a call to delete() or an archive action depending on the setting of the allowCatalogDelete configuration property.
      file - Java file access object
      retrievedElement - catalogued element
      methodName - calling method
    • disconnect

      public void disconnect() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Shutdown file monitoring
      Specified by:
      disconnect in interface IntegrationConnector
      disconnect in class IntegrationConnectorBase
      ConnectorCheckedException - something failed in the super class