Enum Class ElasticsearchIntegrationConnectorAuditCode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<ElasticsearchIntegrationConnectorAuditCode>, Constable, AuditLogMessageSet

public enum ElasticsearchIntegrationConnectorAuditCode extends Enum<ElasticsearchIntegrationConnectorAuditCode> implements AuditLogMessageSet
The ElasticsearchIntegrationConnectorAuditCode is used to define the message content for the OMRS Audit Log.

The 5 fields in the enum are:

  • Log Message Identifier - to uniquely identify the message
  • Severity - is this an event, decision, action, error or exception
  • Log Message Text - includes placeholder to allow additional values to be captured
  • Additional Information - further parameters and data relating to the audit message (optional)
  • SystemAction - describes the result of the situation
  • UserAction - describes how a user should correct the situation