Class GovernanceActionOpenLineageIntegrationConnector

All Implemented Interfaces:
AssetManagerEventListener, AuditLoggingComponent, SecureConnectorExtension, VirtualConnectorExtension, IntegrationConnector, LineageIntegratorOMISConnector

public class GovernanceActionOpenLineageIntegrationConnector extends LineageIntegratorConnector implements AssetManagerEventListener
GovernanceActionOpenLineageIntegrationConnector is an integration connector to listen for governance actions executing in the open metadata ecosystem, generate open lineage events for them and publish them to any integration connector running in the same instance of Lineage Integration OMIS.
  • Constructor Details

    • GovernanceActionOpenLineageIntegrationConnector

      public GovernanceActionOpenLineageIntegrationConnector()
      Default constructor
  • Method Details

    • start

      public void start() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Indicates that the connector is completely configured and can begin processing.
      Specified by:
      start in interface IntegrationConnector
      start in class ConnectorBase
      ConnectorCheckedException - there is a problem within the connector.
    • refresh

      public void refresh()
      Requests that the connector does a comparison of the metadata in the third party technology and open metadata repositories. Refresh is called when the integration connector first starts and then at intervals defined in the connector's configuration as well as any external REST API calls to explicitly refresh the connector.
      Specified by:
      refresh in interface IntegrationConnector
    • processEvent

      public void processEvent(AssetManagerOutTopicEvent event)
      Process an event that was published by the Asset Manager OMAS.
      Specified by:
      processEvent in interface AssetManagerEventListener
      event - event object - call getEventType to find out what type of event.