Class JDBCResourceConnectorProvider

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public class JDBCResourceConnectorProvider extends ConnectorProviderBase
JDBCResourceConnectorProvider is the OCF connector provider for the jdbc resource connector.
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      public static final String JDBC_DRIVER_MANAGER_CLASS_NAME
      An optional configuration property that causes the named class to be loaded and registered as a driver. This property only needs to be defined if the connector is experiencing exceptions related to a missing DriverManager class for the database URL.
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      public static final String JDBC_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT
      Sets the maximum time in seconds that this data source will wait while attempting to connect to a database. The default value is 0 which means use the system default timeout, if any; otherwise it means no timeout.
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      public static final String JDBC_DATABASE_NAME
      Provides a name to use in messages about the database. If it is not set then the connection URL string is used.
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    • JDBCResourceConnectorProvider

      public JDBCResourceConnectorProvider()
      Constructor used to initialize the ConnectorProviderBase with the Java class name of the specific connector implementation. Most of the work of this connector provider is handled by the base class.