Class EngineHostServicesConfig

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public class EngineHostServicesConfig extends OMAGServerClientConfig
EngineHostServicesConfig provides the properties to configure an engine host OMAG server. The engine host runs one or more Open Metadata Engine Services (OMES) that in turn run one or more governance engines. The configuration of the engine host services is in two parts:
  • The inherited properties from OMAGServerClientConfig defines the platform root URL and server name of server running the Governance Engine OMAS that provides configuration for the governance engines as well as the governance actions that drive the automated execution of governance requests.
  • An array of EngineServiceConfig properties, one for each engine service to run.
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  • Constructor Details

    • EngineHostServicesConfig

      public EngineHostServicesConfig()
      Default constructor
    • EngineHostServicesConfig

      public EngineHostServicesConfig(EngineHostServicesConfig template)
      Copy/clone constructor
      template - object to copy
  • Method Details

    • getEngineServiceConfigs

      public List<EngineServiceConfig> getEngineServiceConfigs()
      Return the list of configuration for the engine services that will run in this server.
      list of qualified names
    • setEngineServiceConfigs

      public void setEngineServiceConfigs(List<EngineServiceConfig> engineServiceConfigs)
      Set up the list of configuration for the engine services that will run in this server.
      engineServiceConfigs - list of qualified names
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      public String toString()
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      public int hashCode()
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