Class OMESServiceInstance

Direct Known Subclasses:
AssetAnalysisInstance, GovernanceActionInstance, RepositoryGovernanceInstance, SurveyActionInstance

public class OMESServiceInstance extends AuditableServerServiceInstance
Represents an instance of an Open Metadata Engine Service (OMES) running in a specific server. It is responsible for registering itself in the instance map.
  • Field Details

    • remoteServerName

      protected String remoteServerName
    • remoteServerURLRoot

      protected String remoteServerURLRoot
  • Constructor Details

    • OMESServiceInstance

      public OMESServiceInstance(String serverName, String serviceName, AuditLog auditLog, String localServerUserId, int maxPageSize, String remoteServerName, String remoteServerURLRoot)
      Set up the OMES service instance
      serverName - name of this server
      serviceName - name of this service
      auditLog - logging destination
      localServerUserId - userId used for server initiated actions
      maxPageSize - maximum page size
      remoteServerName - remote server name
      remoteServerURLRoot - remote server URL
  • Method Details

    • getRemoteServerName

      public String getRemoteServerName()
      Return the remote server name
      string server name
    • getRemoteServerURLRoot

      public String getRemoteServerURLRoot()
      the remote server URL
      string server URL