Class TestSupportedEntitySearch

public class TestSupportedEntitySearch extends RepositoryConformanceTestCase
Test that all defined entities can be retrieved by property searches. This testcase covers Entity searches using basic and advanced search criteria/values. The difference is: basic = only literal values or repo helper regexes can be used for values of string match properties or as searchCriteria advanced = arbitrary regexes can be used for values of string match properties or as searchCriteria
  • Constructor Details

    • TestSupportedEntitySearch

      public TestSupportedEntitySearch(RepositoryConformanceWorkPad workPad, EntityDef entityDef)
      Typical constructor sets up superclass and discovered information needed for tests
      workPad - place for parameters and results
      entityDef - type of valid entities
  • Method Details

    • run

      protected void run() throws Exception
      Default run method - throws Exception because this is a multi-phase testcase
      Specified by:
      run in class OpenMetadataTestCase
      Exception - something went wrong with the test.
    • run

      protected void run(OpenMetadataTestCase.TestPhase phase) throws Exception
      Method implemented by the actual test case. This overloads the default implementation in OpenMetadatatestCase
      run in class OpenMetadataTestCase
      phase - test phase
      Exception - something went wrong with the test.
    • getAllPropertiesForTypedef

      protected List<TypeDefAttribute> getAllPropertiesForTypedef(String userId, TypeDef typeDef)
      Return type def attributes for the properties defined in the TypeDef and all of its supertypes
      userId - calling user
      typeDef - the definition of the type
      properties for an instance of this type
    • literaliseMatchProperties

      public InstanceProperties literaliseMatchProperties(String userId, TypeDef typeDef, InstanceProperties matchProperties)
    • literaliseStringProperty

      public String literaliseStringProperty(String value)
    • literaliseStringPropertyExact

      public String literaliseStringPropertyExact(String value)
    • literaliseStringPropertyStartsWith

      public String literaliseStringPropertyStartsWith(String value)
    • literaliseStringPropertyEndsWith

      public String literaliseStringPropertyEndsWith(String value)
    • literaliseStringPropertyContains

      public String literaliseStringPropertyContains(String value)