Interface ComponentDescription

    • Method Detail

      • getComponentId

        int getComponentId()
        Return the numerical code for this component.
        int componentId
      • getComponentDevelopmentStatus

        ComponentDevelopmentStatus getComponentDevelopmentStatus()
        Return the development status of the component.
        enum describing the status
      • getComponentName

        java.lang.String getComponentName()
        Return the name of the component. This is the name used in the audit log records.
        String component name
      • getComponentType

        java.lang.String getComponentType()
        Return the short description of the component. This is an English description. Natural language support for these values can be added to UIs using a resource bundle indexed with the component Id. This value is provided as a default if the resource bundle is not available.
        String description
      • getComponentWikiURL

        java.lang.String getComponentWikiURL()
        URL link to the wiki page that describes this component. This provides more information to the log reader on the operation of the component.
        String URL