Package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.auditlog

package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.auditlog
  • Class
    AuditLog is the superclass of audit log implementations.
    Count up the number of records of each severity logged by a component.
    AuditLogDestination provides the support to push audit log records to the desired locations for either storage or processing.
    AuditLoggingComponent is an interface that components can implement to indicate that they can make use of an audit log.
    AuditLogRecord provides a carrier for details about a single log record in the audit log.
    AuditLogRecordSeverityLevel defines the different levels of severity for log records stored in the AuditLogRecord.
    AuditLogReport is a container for returning information about a hierarchy of audit logs.
    AuditLogReportingComponent describes the component issuing the audit log record.
    ComponentDescription is an interface implemented by an enum that describes the components using the audit log
    ComponentDevelopmentStatus describes the development status of a component.
    MessageFormatter is the superclass of audit log implementations.