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public abstract class SecretsStoreConnector extends ConnectorBase
SecretsStoreConnector is the interface for a connector that is able to retrieve secrets (passwords, certificates, ...) from a secure location. The secrets store connector is embedded in a connector that needs one or more secrets to perform its tasks. Both connectors are initialised together by the ConnectorBroker. The secrets store connector is called by the surrounding connector to extract the needed secrets. When the ConnectorBroker detects that there is a secrets store connector embedded in another connector, it attempts to retrieve the standard secrets for the corresponding connection object (if they are null):
  • userId
  • clearPassword
  • encryptedPassword
This means that even if the outer connector is written to expect these secrets in its connection object, they do not need to be stored in the connection object (ie in the configuration document or in the metadata store) but will be placed in the right fields by the ConnectorBroker. If the name(s) of the secret(s) needed by the connector must be configured, they can be stored in the secureProperties.
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    • SecretsStoreConnector

      public SecretsStoreConnector()
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    • getSecret

      public abstract String getSecret(String secretName)
      Retrieve a secret from the secrets store.
      secretName - name of the secret.