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public interface TriageGovernanceContext extends GovernanceContext
TriageGovernanceContext provides access to details of the triage request and associated governance action plus with access to the metadata store. A triage governance action service typically assesses the request source elements and makes a choice to call an external triage service, create a to-do for a profile in the open metadata ecosystem, or directly completing the associated governance action with a decision for the completion status and guards that are used to determine the next step to proceed.
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    • openToDo

      String openToDo(String toDoQualifiedName, String title, String instructions, int priority, Date dueDate, String assignTo) throws InvalidParameterException, UserNotAuthorizedException, PropertyServerException
      Create a "To Do" request for someone to work on.
      toDoQualifiedName - unique name for the to do. (Could be the engine name and a guid?)
      title - short meaningful phrase for the person receiving the request
      instructions - further details on what to do
      priority - priority value (based on organization's scale)
      dueDate - date/time this needs to be completed
      assignTo - qualified name of the PersonRole element for the recipient
      unique identifier of new to do element
      InvalidParameterException - either todoQualifiedName or assignedTo are null or not recognized
      UserNotAuthorizedException - the governance action service is not authorized to create a to do
      PropertyServerException - there is a problem connecting to (or inside) the metadata store