Class OpenMetadataStoreConverter<B>

Direct Known Subclasses:
GovernanceEngineOMASConverter, MetadataElementConverter, RelatedElementConverter, RelatedElementsConverter, ValidMetadataValueConverter

public abstract class OpenMetadataStoreConverter<B> extends OCFConverter<B>
OpenMetadataStoreConverter provides the generic methods for the Governance Action Framework (GAF) beans converters. Generic classes have limited knowledge of the classes these are working on and this means creating a new instance of a class from within a generic is a little involved. This class provides the generic method for creating and initializing a Governance Engine bean.
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenMetadataStoreConverter

      protected OpenMetadataStoreConverter(OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, String serviceName, String serverName)
      repositoryHelper - helper object to parse entity
      serviceName - name of this component
      serverName - name of this server
  • Method Details

    • getAttachedClassifications

      protected List<AttachedClassification> getAttachedClassifications(List<Classification> entityClassifications)
      Extract the classifications from the entity.
      entityClassifications - classifications direct from the entity
      list of bean classifications
    • removeActionStatus

      protected GovernanceActionStatus removeActionStatus(String propertyName, InstanceProperties properties)
      Retrieve and delete the GovernanceActionStatus enum property from the instance properties of an entity
      properties - entity properties
      OwnerType enum value
    • getOpenMetadataElement

      protected OpenMetadataElement getOpenMetadataElement(String entityGUID, List<EntityDetail> entities)
      Build an open metadata element bean from a matching entity.
      entityGUID - unique identifier of desired entity
      entities - list of retrieved entities
      new bean or null if guid is not in list
    • fillElementControlHeader

      public void fillElementControlHeader(ElementControlHeader elementControlHeader, InstanceAuditHeader header)
      Fill a GAF control header from the information in a repository services element header.
      elementControlHeader - GAF object control header
      header - OMRS element header
    • mapElementProperties

      public ElementProperties mapElementProperties(InstanceProperties instanceProperties)
      Fill out the properties for the GAF Open Metadata Element bean with values from an OMRS entity.
      instanceProperties - retrieve properties
      properties mapped to GAF
    • fillOpenMetadataElement

      public void fillOpenMetadataElement(OpenMetadataElement bean, EntityDetail entity)
      Fill out the properties for the GAF Open Metadata Element bean with values from an OMRS entity.
      bean - bean to fill
      entity - values from repositories