Enum Class OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode>, Constable, AuditLogMessageSet

public enum OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode extends Enum<OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode> implements AuditLogMessageSet
The OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode is used to define the message content for the OMRS Audit Log.

The 5 fields in the enum are:

  • Log Message Identifier - to uniquely identify the message
  • Severity - is this an event, decision, action, error or exception
  • Log Message Text - includes placeholder to allow additional values to be captured
  • Additional Information - further parameters and data relating to the audit message (optional)
  • SystemAction - describes the result of the situation
  • UserAction - describes how a user should correct the situation
  • Enum Constant Details


      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode SERVICE_INITIALIZING
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0001 - The Open Metadata Store Services are initializing a new server instance

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode SERVICE_INITIALIZED
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0005 - The Open Metadata Store Services has initialized a new instance for server {0}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode SERVICE_INSTANCE_FAILURE
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0006 - The Open Metadata Store Services are unable to initialize a new instance; error message is {0}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode UNEXPECTED_INITIALIZATION_EXCEPTION
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0008 - The Open Metadata Store Services detected an unexpected {0} exception during the initialization of its services; error message is {1}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode SERVICE_TERMINATING
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0009 - The Open Metadata Store Services are shutting down server instance {0}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode SERVICE_SHUTDOWN
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0012 - The Open Metadata Store Services are shutting down its instance for server {0}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode WATCHDOG_EVENT_FAILURE
      OMES-GOVERNANCE-ACTION-0015 - The Governance Action Framework received an {0} exception from the {1} governance action service while it was processing a watchdog event of type {2}; error message is {3}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode ASSET_AUDIT_LOG
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0020 - Log message for asset {0} from governance service {1}: {2}

      public static final OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode WATCHDOG_LISTENER_EXCEPTION
      OPEN-METADATA-STORE-0021 - Failed to publish watchdog event to Watchdog Governance Action Service for governance engine {0}. The exception was {1} with error message {2}
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode[] values()
      Returns an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared.
      an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared
    • valueOf

      public static OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode valueOf(String name)
      Returns the enum constant of this class with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this class. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
      name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
      the enum constant with the specified name
      IllegalArgumentException - if this enum class has no constant with the specified name
      NullPointerException - if the argument is null
    • getMessageDefinition

      public AuditLogMessageDefinition getMessageDefinition()
      Retrieve a message definition object for logging. This method is used when there are no message inserts.
      Specified by:
      getMessageDefinition in interface AuditLogMessageSet
      message definition object.
    • getMessageDefinition

      public AuditLogMessageDefinition getMessageDefinition(String... params)
      Retrieve a message definition object for logging. This method is used when there are values to be inserted into the message.
      Specified by:
      getMessageDefinition in interface AuditLogMessageSet
      params - array of parameters (all strings). They are inserted into the message according to the numbering in the message text.
      message definition object.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      JSON-style toString
      toString in class Enum<OpenMetadataStoreAuditCode>
      string of property names and values for this enum